Suddenly, the music stops and the legend begins...

Just like many millions of people around the world, I grew up admiring his movie-like video clips, listening carefully to his great lyrics and dancing around his energetic songs.
He was the very first African-American pop star, more than that.. the very first one after a long history of other pioneers like Harry Belafonte, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and many others.
Michael Jackson was an oustanding and unforgettable musician and singer.
Now, the music has suddenly stopped and it is the right time for an everlasting legend...

When I was 15 years old, I first listened to him, and the immediate result was me becoming his unconditional fan. Thriller made me admire him and Vincent Price more than ever (V. Price, the fabulous actor of many classic horror movies made the voice-off of this video). Then came along many other great songs, not only rhythm, but more deep lyrics about broken loves, Billie Jean, self-conscious, Man in the Mirror, and even social injustices like in the case of They Don´t Care About Us. Not for a moment forgetting the racial conflict in the US, Black and White, and the difficult man-made conditions of our once blue planet, Earth Song.

Like many other big stars and artists (for example, Marylin Monroe, Janis Joplin, and others) his life was full of problems, but this is another case. His music nevertheless was unanswerable exceptional.

Here goes this little tribute for him.

Nota en español: Esta entrada la he escrito en inglés, debido a que era su lengua y en ella fue como conocí su arte; en este idioma me expresé desde muy niña y acompañó mi infancia junto al castellano. Espero que no haya problemas de comprensión. Gracias.

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  1. a mi me ha sorprendido mucho la noticia. Una pena, yo también recuerdo el video de thrillerfue una pasada en su momento

  2. Sí, Cotoky, me encanta ese video, pues me gustan las películas de terror, aunque no todas y me fascina la danza porque crecí un ambiente pleno de ballet y de diversas técnicas de baile y por eso admiré siempre su capacidad como bailarín, además de sus excelentes canciones.
    Ya ha pasado un día y aún me causa un asombro triste; aunque quizás ahora se le recuerde por lo bueno que dejó al arte pop y en al arte en general. Asimismo, me han dado mucho gusto mucho los comentarios que han expresado sobre él personas tales como Nelson Mandela, Liza Minelli y Paul McCarty.
    Te mando un abrazo y un beso desde Holanda.

  3. Yo creo que fue un músico que concibió un nuevo modo de expresarse y un bailarín que supo transmitir muy bien su mundo distinto, me encantan casi todas sus canciones, pero él no me gustaba nada como persona, y por eso, salvando las distancias de que no le deseaba la muerte tan joven, tampoco siento tanto su muerte. Creo que su música y su arte nos quedarán y no creo que hiciese mucho más en este terreno de ahora en adelante. Hace tiempo que dejó la música y sólo se dedicaba a sus propias paranoias.
    I like you speaking in English! You surprise me all the time with all the things you like, are able to do or are interested in.

  4. Dear Rosana, thanks a lot for the kind words you made. And I´m very sorry for answering your comment so late. But lately I´ve been editing a couple of videos and getting more practice on this aspects of film making, which in particular is one of my passions.
    Kisses from The Netherlands.

  5. I've been lately thinking of you a lot, because my husband's village was celebrating their festivities and some folklore dancers performed for all of us with the typical costumes. Lovely ones. And then I've been trying to search more info about these costumes without success. I haven't found a good page for pictures with details.
    Kisses from the North of Spain.

  6. Dear Rosana,
    An easy and quick way is to try in Google.com.
    You just have to type the name of the folk costumes you´re looking for.
    That´s how I found some information about and images of your region.
    But I have to add that I´ve also seen some very nice pictures in Flickr and in Picasa Web Albums.
    Good luck on you search that sounds quite nice and interesting.
    Big kisses from the province of Zuid-Holland, in The Netherlands.

  7. Dear Princesita de París or I should say, Little Princess from Paris, thanks!
    Big kiss from me to you from The Netherlands.